BlackBerry Unlock Code Unsuccessful

If you have already placed an order for a BlackBerry device and the unlock process was unsuccessful please try the following steps:

STEP ONE: Check the accuracy of the IMEI you submitted

Visit the check order page and search for your order with your billing email address.  Please verify that the IMEI you submitted is accurate with your device.  To retrieve your IMEI please dial *#06# from your device.

STEP TWO: Submit for a new Unlock Code retrieval with PRD Search

In some cases we are able to retrieve a new unlock code when you provide your PRD number & other information.

Please provide the following to our live chat support team:

1. Confirmed IMEI
2. Exact Model Number
3. PRD Number (see below)
4. Original Carrier
5. Original Country

Your PRD number is located on the rear of the device, under the battery. 
It could take up to 24 hours to retrieve a new unlock code for your BlackBerry.