Top 5 ‘back to school’ gadgets anyone would like to own again

We all know how it was like when we were in high-school or general school and there were so many new and noteworthy devices we simply begged to have. However, times have changed and ultra-modern phones, smartphones and ingenious tablets have taken the spot and made us forget about those neat gadgets that are now history. The pre-teens and teens nowadays have no clue what a Nokia 3410 looks like or how cool you were if you had a Sony Ericson T700 (Remi). Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see which the best ‘back to school’ gadgets were that absolutely anyone would like to hold in his hand again:

  1. iMac G3 – this is a gadget that only made us think the future will bring. Havingimac been predicted by ‘Star Wars’ and breaking the mold at that time, this iMac G3 looks cool and trendy, yet no one seems to remember that it came as early as 1998. Yes, this all-in-one personal computer was available two years before the start of the new millennium and came in red, blue or teal.







  1. Game Boy– who didn’t simply adore the interesting, cool and downright useful ‘toy’GameBoy? Being created by Nintendo and made available in September 1990, this wonderful 8-bit video game device was the very first console teens, pre-teens or mature adults came to love and became addicted to. Having a processor similar to an Intel 8080 and requiring 6 V DC of at least 150 mA, it was part of the fourth generation of gaming and rose to popularity immediately after appearing in stores. Worldwide, it was sold to more than 110 million people!



  1. Nokia 3310– Released in late 2000, the Nokia 3310 was a much desired mobile phone wNokia3310hich enabled you to play the famous Snake game (plus Snake II, Bantumi, Pairs II, or Space Impact) and had songs which were back then considered ‘appealing and cool’. Despite not offering colors (the display was solely green), this phone was the best of that time, offering basic features, like Predictive text input, Smart messaging, voice dial, calculator, currency converter or mobile chat for SMS. It came with NiMH 900 mAh battery (BMC-3) and GSM technology.





  1. Polaroid Camera– being pioneered by Polaroid Corporation, this infamous self-developing film using camera was always present in the best moments in people’s lives (in 1950’s and all the golden years following that period, that is). What is definitely true to state is the fact that this user-friendly camera was the first commercial instant camera which became quite affordable to the masses. Feeling old yet? If not, check out the next ‘back to school device’:Polaroid Camera





  1. The Walkman– Ah, smells like the teenage years which only focused on being the popular kid in the parking lot and which seemed to go by so quickly. The Walkman was a revolutionary device which enabled you to play your cassette tapes, as well as fast-forward or rewind the songs on them. Manufactured by Sony, this device appeared in the late 1970s, requiring only either one gum stick-type rechargeable battery or an AA battery.TheWalkman