Reasons Not to Jailbreak Your Device

Despite the fact that most individuals appeal to jailbreaking, it is important to keep in mind that this process can open up so many doors, but also so many grey dimensions. This method of unlocking a device can cause a lot of issues and alter with your phone’s settings and disturb your device’s stability, as well as safety. Here is a complete list of reasons for which you should not jailbreak your phone:

1. No more safety or Stability

Unlike phone unlocking, jailbreaking is a process which works by breaking off carrier limitations consistently, yet changing itself little by little with each iOS upgrade. Despite the fact that jailbreaking can offer you a myriad of options when it comes to boosting phone functionality, it can also open the gate to a wide range of stability and safety issues. Furthermore, it is important to note that its add-ons and extensions can definitely cause the phone to work in a rather unexpected manner. For instance, applications can crash with no reason whatsoever, solving any small problem becomes the most difficult process in the world and all the effort you put into fixing things seems not enough. Indeed, troubleshoot problems can be solved by appealing to various tools, yet jailbreaking can cause so many issues that you will be left with the impression that getting your phone to what it used to be is an 100% impossible favor.


Furthermore, a number of security specialists state that jailbreaking your phone is certainly not ideal from a security standpoint. Breaking down some limitations (imposed by service carriers) and opening up your phone to new possibilities also entails getting it ‘ready’ to new vulnerabilities in terms of security and functionality.

2. You will not be able to update it as easily
If you wish to jailbreak your iPhone, for instance, then it is important to note the fact that whenever you may need to upgrade and test all the new possibilities, features or applications, then the jailbreak will be lost, thus putting you into a very uncomfortable position of retrying to break all limitations and restrictions, getting frustrated of re-jailbreaking and so on. Of course, there are a few tools which can help make this entire process easier, such as PkgBackup, yet it will not be the same as having a normal iOS upgrade and update.

3. Phone restore will be often and frustrating
Despite the fact that jailbreaking is far from being considered rocket science, sometimes, for reasons that can seem rather , this process fails, thus making you, once again, to try to restore your device and lose precious time solving some problems that should have not existed in the first place.

4. Jailbreak applications are expensive
When taking the decision to jailbreak your device, you ought to keep in mind that giving up the state of getting tied down to a single network or service carrier comes rather pricey. For instance, you should note that the most effective jailbreaking apps are those which cost more than those which are found, on average, on iTunes.