HTC Unlock

That’s all you need. Make sure to check the table below for the service and time required to complete the process.

Note: If you cannot locate your current network in the list and you are sure that your phone is GSM Service Phone, then you can select “Other GSM Worldwide” as operator from list. Or if your phone is CDMA Service phone, you can select “Other CDMA Worldwide” as operator.


Price: $19.95$45.00

  • Enter *#06# on your phone to get the IMEI#.
    Make sure to enter exactly 15 characters for IMEI or Minimum 14 Characters for MEID.
Service Network Time Required
AT&T Standard AT&T 1-25 Mins
Bell Bell 1-30 Mins
HTC Factory L.D Consumer 1-25 Mins
HTC Factory L.D Cingular 1-25 Mins
Cricket Standard Cricket 1-24 Hours
HTC Factory L.D T-Mobile 1-25 Mins
HTC Factory L.D Straight Talk 1-25 Mins
HTC Factory L.D Sprint 1-25 Mins
HTC Factory L.D Verizon 1-25 Mins
Worldwide GSM Any GSM Network 1-25 Mins
HTC Factory L.D Any CDMA Network 1-25 Mins