Newspaper folding TV

During the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, the most interesting and interactive business consumer technologies international gathering set to open communication between tech enthusiasts and to put forth the means for innovators and specialists to uncover their masterpieces, LG, the renowned phone manufacturer has just enabled the world to get a glimpse into what the it can be like to watch the news or your favorite show on an ultra-modern flat screen TV. How can the viewer experience be so special, you may ask? Well… let’s put it this way: After you are done for the day with sports and extreme games, fashion shows or cooking challenges, you can get up, fold your TV and walk away from the living room. Yes, you read correctly! The TV presented by LG at the convention produced by the Consumer Technology Association or CTA can be folded and wrapped, just like a magazine or map.

The screen of the TV is so flexible that you can literally bend the corners, roll it up nice and tight and store it away. However, you must use a single direction, as if you flatten it out completely, it stops working and its circuits might break. Furthermore, you might be interested to know that it has a lot of ‘dead’ pixels in the display, at the first glance appearing to be damaged, yet they simply show a tiny empty square. What is more, it measures 18 inches from corner to corner and is a trial product, as the engineers and specialists from the aforementioned brand hope to be able to create a display which can be as large as 55 inches (thus offering a screen quality close to five times the power of a high definition TV).

The LG product is merely a prototype (the timing to release such a device for commercial use is still not defined), yet it shows us how close the future (with its cutting edge technology, simplicity in human life thanks to devices and gadgets, flexibility and easiness, as well as level of increased comfort) it actually is.

LG Foldable Display