New trend in mobile world

It seems like, up until now, we managed to see it all. However, grab your popcorn, sit back and watch what the tech world unfolds, as the next big thing regarding cellphones and mobile technology seems to have arrived. Curious already?

Well… you should note that the trend is quickly shaping up the whole phone charging process. You can now be able to recharge your phone wirelessly. Yes, you have read correctly! You no longer have to sit by your phone and recharging fuse long hours, drive yourself mad for misplacing your cords or rushing to the next tech shop in order to buy a recharger in case yours has stopped working. Now you have the chance to set you and your phone free from this procedure you and all phone users despise.

This trend involves carefully placing your device on a flat surface and leaving it until the battery is fully charged. It is so simple, yet so convenient that your daily chores and tasks (either at your home or at the office) will seem much lighter, due to the fact that you will not be dependent on a wire or limit a conversation with your colleagues or customers just because you cannot sit comfortably and talk at the same time. You can now send power to remote locations and be carefree when recharging your device.

Some of the phone manufacturers which have already passed on the positive side of device recharging are: Nokia (now being known as Microsoft), Sony and Samsung. It has been predicted that by 2020, namely 4 years from now, the wireless power market will grow to an impressive amount of $11.8 billion dollars in revenue, worldwide. Huge, isn’t it?

Phone charging trends