Most ‘premium’ of premiums

We all know that there is a fierce battle between premium brands, like Apple and Samsung, yet each and every one of us can safely declare that none of our friends possess what is called a Vertu. And it’s not just because its name is so mystical or exotic, it’s because it is so expensive and so exclusive that we didn’t even encounter the occasion of even discussing about such a belonging, much like a Ferrari. But, to be fair, Vertu is a premium and luxurious brand which only produces iconic styling and incredibly pricy phones. Surprisingly enough, it has been manufactured by Nokia at the end of the 1990s.Vertu phone

According to Vertu official website, the cellphones are created ‘with the most exquisite materials and cutting-edge technology’. Exquisite is, indeed, the right term to describe such cellphones. And why is that? Well…simply because, in addition to providing customers cool and optimal performing gadgets, this brand also gives them the opportunity to pull out true fashion items from their purses, pockets or backpacks. Made in Church Crookham, Hampshire by specialist phone manufacturers, Vertu phones are generally lightweight and made with vulcanized rubber, leather, aluminum or titanium cases. The Vertu Signature device, for instance, is created using stainless steel. To put again the ‘fab’ and over-the-top ‘precious’ mobile communication instrument’ elements into focus, Vertu has even made a few devices in collaboration with Ermenegildo Zegna, highly renowned Italian fashion house, the infamous Ferrari or Lapo Eduard Elkann, direct heir of the founder and CEO of Fiat Automobiles.Vertu

All of Vertu’s devices cost thousand dollars, benefitting also from round the clock personal concierge service (this is available anywhere, at a single touch of a button). Ah, and one more thing, some of the Vertu mobile devices have rubies or other precious stones…in case you didn’t see that coming.