How Safe is Unlocking Your Phone?

Despite the fact that technology has advanced quite a lot and we currently live in the digital age, many people still do not know much about unlocking their devices and about how safe/unsafe this process actually is. We have previously tackled what unlocking a phone entails or how it can be done, yet much can be said regarding how safe it is.

Unlocking a device is not illegal in the sense that it does not fall into the criminal law area of expertise. There are no laws which mention the fact that you are, under no circumstance, able or allowed to unlock your device. Unlocking, nevertheless, is said to belong to the civil law domain. This field has slightly to do with settling when it comes to agreements or contracts or other legal issues established by courts. What the above-mentioned means is that there will certainly not be the case for someone to hold you responsible for taking the decision to unlock your phone and not remain tied down to a service carrier.


You should not be afraid of proceeding with this step, as no legal body will come after you, irrespective of how much dissatisfaction is brought to the initial carrier. Nevertheless, you should take the time to dig into the matter, as each carrier contract or service agreement is different, depending on each company’s policy. This will help you become aware of the possibility of breaching a carrier agreement by tampering with your phone. This is why you should read the Terms and Conditions section of your contract.

Unlocking your device is without a shade of doubt safe solely in the case in which you discuss with a professional in the field. Instead of dealing with this issue by yourself or appealing to a high street unlocker, you need to get in touch with a company or a team of experts who can provide safe, efficient and affordable factory unlocks for all Apple iPhones and Android Phones from all major brands. Despite the fact that there may be a few phone models which cannot be unlocked, the majority of them can be dealt with safely by a specialized crew.