Electronic Serial Number and IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

ESN is an abbreviation which stands for Electronic Serial Number, a unique identification figure which is to be found on a microchip in wireless devices, being embedded by manufacturers. Being created by FCC (U.S. Federal Communications Commission which is designed in order to check and regulate interstate communications via various means, including wire satellite, TV, cable or radio), ESN is represented either as 8 digit hexadecimal figures or as 11-digit numbers. When it comes to decimal format, the first three figures are the decimal representation of the first eight, whilst the following 8 come from the remaining 24 figures. Being instantly directed to a base station whenever a phone call is made, the ESN can also be caught upby the service network’s switching office. It is important to note that the figures can also be utilized in order to track registration or time attendance.


IMEI is an abbreviation which stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. This represents a figure (in general unique) used in order to identify3rd Generation Partnership Project(GSM, LTE or UMTS) phones and iDEN devices (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network), as well as satellite smartphones.

IMEI can usually be seen printed inside the phone’s compartment for batteries, yet some manufacturers also include it on-screen. You can dial the following code *#06#on the dial pad in order to retrieve your IMEI. Sometimes, phones contain the above-mentioned International Mobile Station Equipment Identity in the Settings menu. Just navigate to the General settings, then tap on ‘About’ and scroll down.

It is essential to note that the IMEI figure can be utilized in order to track valid devices and prevent phone robberies (by accessing the network). For instance, should your device be stolen, you can call your service provider and ask to ‘blacklist’ your phone using the IMEI digits to be found as described above.