Brand new messaging app

Have you found out about Peach yet? This represents a new amazing application which has the aim to replace WhatsApp and enable all users to efficiently communicate with one another and get the chance to spread their ideas, catch up, joke around after a busy day or text in a fast manner everything that counts. Bursting into the scene and being described as the new and noteworthy messenger-style platform with great features, fun functionality and user-friendly technology, this app is created by the mastermind behind video app Vine, Dom Hoffman.

This new social interactive messenger called ‘The Peach App’ can help you distribute content using ‘magic words’ and share a song, look for a funny GIF to send to your best friend and even use the ‘Draw’ option in order to post a sketch of yours and grab the attention of your buddies. What is more, your friends can ‘rate’ your work of art and send this notification in less than a couple of seconds.

Posting short updates is as easy as one, two, three and you can benefit from a whole lot of interesting things. Should you require inspiration for updates and posts, then Peach enables you to tap a light bulb to get new and noteworthy ideas. Refreshingly fun and extremely easy to use, this app is sure to get in the big league, competing with Facebook Messenger (founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced that it has reached 800 million monthly users) or WhatsApp, another Facebook property which brags about having over 900 million users, or, why not, other significant instant communication applications, including BBM, Kik, Viber, WeChat) and a series of challengers, such as WowApp, Yahoo Messenger or Telegram). Some specialists and tech enthusiasts claim that Peach will become the new Twitter, as it is much easier to use and the latter social media platform founded 9 years ago seems to have hit a bit of a bumpy road.