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Unlocking Phone History (US)

Many people condemn the fact that phone carriers tie down all clients and make them stay ‘in one place’. It has been said that all US carriers ought to comply with the requests of prepaid, as well as postpaid customers in order to see them satisfied and resist in such a tough market, dominated by peer pressure, smart marketing campaigns and fierce competition.

It is important to keep in mind that the debate over device unlocking has come a long way in just a few very short years. It is important to note the fact that unlocking a device can enable users to decide which carrier network to opt for. For years and years, carriers have locked down phones, not enabling people to benefit from flexibility, better and vaster choices, as well as the possibility of customizing their phone and appealing to safer and more secure options. Their motive was to keep their clients close and not see them running away to other carriers.

Having become a true forced inability to unlock the device and benefit from all sorts of apps, customized features and options, many clients sought more advantageous solutions, paid more money to get access to networks and intelligent apps or use the phone internationally. Soon, however, clients realized that the prices were much too steep and could not afford having a limiting carrier. Customers found new ways to outsmart phone services and carriers by breaking the phone system (via jailbreak- an option which quickly proved to have its flaws and risks in terms of security, efficiency and flow).

In 2013, the above-mentioned unlocking process hit a tipping point. Why? It was due to the Library of Congress decision to hold that the US DMCA (an abbreviation which stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act) banned American clients from unlocking their device without the consent of carriers. Of course, critics took the issue without ruling. The next year, namely in 2014, came the ‘Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act’, which made unlocking the device legal again.

What clients ought to realize is that unlocking their phone is a perfectly normal procedure which, in a timely manner, can allow them to open freely all apps, enjoy customization options, benefit from security and flexibility. You can unlock your phone in four easy steps with the help of the 24/7 customer service we offer and our 100% money back guarantee. You will get all the instructions via e-mail once you agree to receive an unlock code and then select your phone model and service provider. See how easily you can unlock your phone?

Three Major Reasons Why You Should Unlock Your Phone

What are the major reasons for which you should unlock your device? What can this method bring you? Make sure you read the following article in order to find out:

unlocking-your-phoneFirst of all, it is important to note that unlocking your phone is totally legal, so there will be no reason not to try to unlock it in order to see how many benefits it actually brings. Furthermore, it is important to note that unlocking your device will provide you with more power over your phone, more control and more flexibility (whilst still remaining safe and secure).

1. Unlocking your device can make it usable internationally (without the need to pay enormous fees)- this process of unlocking your phone can help you say goodbye to the ridiculous and outrageous fees set by phone carriers. These generally subsidize the purchase cost of a device when a user accepts a two-year contract and locks the phone to their service. Thus, the carrier will lock the phone and the phone will only work on its network. If you choose to unlock your device, then you will be able to switch out the carrier card for a local one instead.

2. Unlocking your device enables you to switch carriers without buying a new phone– it is important to note that unlocking your phone can enable you to go from one carrier to the next without no problem whatsoever. This process can allow you to get the appropriate SIM card you may like, cancel the service that your previous carried ‘locked you to’, then switch services and service providers. You can also gain access to a wide range of networks and you will benefit from more flexibility.

3. It adds significant value to the device (when you decide to pass it on)- it is important to keep in mind that unlocking your phone can come with a wide range of advantages. For instance, you should note that your device can be 100% more valuable whenever you decide to sell it, as it will not be restricted to a single carrier or service. It is the best possible way to get the full value out of any deal.

Differences Between Jailbreak and Unlocking Your Phone

Jailbreaking represents the procedure of cutting off any phone manufacturer’s limitations on various applications, features or options. Being usually performed on Apple phones or tablets (which run on iOS operating system), the above-mentioned method is used by many tech enthusiasts in order to remove all restrictions and get the chance to install third-party software from outside the app store. Unlike popular opinion or information from various sources or word of mouth ‘advice and recommendations’, jailbreaking is not a piracy act, as it enables you to make certain changes in your own device and customize it as you please. In addition to working on Apple products, jailbreaking can also be performed on devices with limitations similar to that of iPhones, tablets or other devices with iOS. For instance, there is a special jailbreak option called Microsoft Surface RT which enables the installation of unapproved desktop programs. Nevertheless, there are certain issues which one ought to bear in mind: since Windows systems only allow you to run desktop applications written by Microsoft, the apps ought to be compiled for ARM.


As nice as Jailbreak might sound, it is important to note that this procedure has its risks and can bring you much dissatisfaction, either on the short or long run. For instance, despite the fact that it does not violate federal copyright law, it is essential to bear in mind that it has its own security concerns. As soon as you jailbreak your device, you will definitely put yourself in undue risk. A device which has been unlocked using a jailbreak method is more sensitive and loses many of its security features (which, of course, triggers the opening of gates for upcoming viruses or malicious attacks). In comparison to Jailbreak, unlocking your phone can prove to be 100% safe and secure. You will not lose any significant security features, nor put in danger all the phone data.

Another negative aspect regarding jailbreak and a major difference between this and unlocking your phone would be regarding limited benefits. In the first case, the value (in terms of advantages and benefits) is very hard to judge, as you fight back Apple restrictions, yet the device can still work slow or some apps can still be hard to break. The device simply has different apps (as those that have been restricted were replaced) and nothing more under the sun.

As compared to jailbreaking, unlocking your phone is very efficient and can enable you to choose which mobile phone company to use with. Also, customization is a very big plus for unlocking your phone. Unlocking provides flexibility, a bigger variety of apps and choices, safety and security. Unlocking your device means modifying its software (not just opening some apps which have been limited, as it is the case with jailbreaking) to allow it to function with a different company other than the one you originally signed up with.

What is Jailbreak?

Phone users might not know much about Jailbreak and what it entails. It is important to keep in mind that this represents a hack which removes any possible hardware restrictions on Apple’s operating system, namely iOS, originally called iPhone OS (being unveiled in the year of 2007 by Apple Inc. and extended to support other Apple devices like iPad, iPad Mini or Apple TV). Jailbreak enables root access to the operating system file and manager, thus enabling download of themes, extensions or any possible additional applications. The name comes from the action of ‘breaking out of jail’, a technical phrase used in Unix systems, describing special escalation on devices by other manufacturers.


How does Jailbreak work?

It is important to note that this process of bypassing any possible or existing restrictions on Apple products is enabled by installing a modified set of kernel patches which run unsigned code, thus permitting root access (being offered permission to all documents and files).

Is it beneficial or does it come with risks?

One can appeal to Jailbreak to be able to install whatever he or she pleases and get into the close environment of Apple. For instance, if you wish to get within an app, but don’t want to roam outside of it, jail breaking is your sole option.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that it can have inherent dangers, such as opening doors to malicious attacks, viruses, diminishing iOS features, leading to the phone’s slower operation and function.

Locked Phones and Unlocked Devices

We all know about the joy of purchasing a brand new phone and looking through absolutely all the apps, features and gallery. We all feel relieved to have been able to save enough money to buy such a sophisticated and modern device, yet what are the things that we do not know, aside from the obvious undiscovered settings, specific phone characteristics and usage features?


When purchasing a phone from a company (or carrier, such as Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless- in the United States or Orange, Vodafone, Telekom, Empesa, Movie Star and so on- in Europe), it is essential to bear in mind that you will have to sign a contract which will oblige you to use the particular device for a certain amount of time (usually one or two years). A locked cellphone is the type of device which ties you down to one carrier and one service, working only on GSM networks using Subscriber Identity Module cards (also known as SIMs). However, you can decide to unlock your phone. This can entail the following: setting your phone free can let you move to another service provider (even if the contract is not over), thus being responsible for any early termination fees. You should bear in mind that there are certain steps to unlock your phone (without the jailbreak option), which generally consist of ejecting the SIM card from the device, rebooting the phone without any card inside, marking some options in the Settings menu and getting an unlock code.


If you want to be sure that your phone will be properly unlocked, then you should seek help and advice at We can help you with fast unlocking, 24/7 support and offer you the promise that your device will be unlocked with no problem whatsoever, thus enabling you to enjoy it and use it as you please.

Benefits of Unlocking Your Phone

Unlocking your phone is an important and advantageous process which will enable you to use your device as you please without worrying about getting tied down to only one carrier and use only one network. The vast majority of people purchase their smartphones from phone carriers, instead of getting them from the manufacturers. This will, automatically, translate into getting carrier locked phones, thus meaning that the device will solely work on the carrier from which it has been purchased. For instance, if you decide to get the new iPhone 6 from AT&T, then it will only work on this carrier and not another, say Orange, Vodafone or T-Mobile.


Despite the fact that, up until now the process or the option of unlocking a device was considered against the law in the United States, the ‘Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act’ was issued (by President Obama), thus enabling all tech enthusiasts to unlock their phones and use virtually any network.

The biggest benefits of unlocking a device would be the following:

Users have the option to choose whichever carrier they please – If you decide to make this step of unlocking your device, then you will be able to go from one carrier to the next, depending on what you will be offered in terms of benefits or payment discounts. If your desire is to get better Internet connectivity or optimum coverage and the existing carrier fails to offer you these, then you can switch to a different one.

Phone owners get the chance to boost the resale value- should you wish to sell your phone after using it, then you can be free to do so, as the phone will be unlocked efficiently and your will not have to settle down for a smaller amount (you should note that it could have been the case should your device be locked to a certain carrier). Thus, you can get more money out of it and have no worries whatsoever!

Customizing is everything!- with the process of unlocking your phone out of the way, you will have the chance to benefit from all kinds of features. This is due to the fact that carriers usually tend to ‘lock’ certain features of a phone. For instance, if your device is locked, you will enjoy a specific characteristic (like Wi-Fi and cellular data to get faster download speeds- this is available for the Galaxy S5). This is disabled, however, if you buy the phone from another carrier. Thus, if you unlock, you will (at least theoretically) restore what’s amiss.

Reduce the Roaming charges- since carriers take a lot of pleasure in ripping off their customers (particularly if they wish to travel abroad or are forced to), they are forcing clients to use Roaming when going from one country to another. Nevertheless, these charges are very expensive and unlocking your device will enable you to save a great deal of money by putting the SIM of the state you are travelling to in your device (and paying local rates for everything you use- messages, data or calls)

More options for the user- it is important to bear in mind that each carrier must decide which manufacturer’s device to provide on its network. Thus, your choice of phones will be tied to the carriers’ decision. However, if you unlock your cell phone, you will benefit from a larger selection of modern devices.

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