Best music apps for 2016

Since everyone loves music and loves being able to fulfill different tasks while listening to a nice song and get the energy level up, thousands of apps have been created which enable you to sync the best hits of the season, listen to the same kind of music or, on the contrary, mix it up a little in order to hear different genres and see exBest apps for 2016actly what is your coup of tea. Such music applications or song playlist generators are ideal when you wish to set the mood for a studying session, workout, bills verification, party, family reunion, simple gatherings and so on and so forth. Out of all the new and noteworthy software or music broadcasters, which can satisfy our needs the best? Let’s take a look at the most popular and efficient music applications which you can download as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Pandora– a popular Internet radio source and music software popular to an older crowd, this app enables you to find new songs that you will surely love based on your ‘history’, meaning that, without creating an account, this personalized radio can design custom web radio stations based exclusively on your old or current preferences in music.
  2. Spotify– founded over 9 years ago by Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek, this Swedish commercial music streaming, podcast and video provider can stream music and create playlists for all users in the US, Oceania and Western Europe. Providing access to millions of songs, this music app has two streaming tires, namely Spotify Free and Spotify Premium (price is about US$9.99 per month, but can vary according to state or period of time).
  3.– Having a logo resembling the infinite symbol and suggesting a state of music listening and music loving for a prolonged period of time, has been launched in August 2008, designed by Remi Gabillet and David Porter. These two envisioned a portal which can combine radio, music synchronization and categorization with social interaction. Users can stream playlists (based on their favorite genre or current mood), create their own playlist by simply signing up and following the easy steps online and also benefit from social networking. Being offered many great reviews, has a subscription-based service, 8 tracks plus, yet you need to know that its features are still developing.