1.1 Billion Users on Facebook

We all use social media platforms on a regular basis and know for certain that a social media website like Facebook will continuously grow each and every day, yet, according to the latest statement of CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg and eMarkter statistics and report, the number of users has just surpassed a staggering record, as, of this month, there are 1.1 billion active individuals.

Leaving way behind other social platforms like Instagram (which has recently announced its record number or monthly users, namely 400 million), Facebook managed to beat all estimates in its third quarter earning ($0.57 earnings per share, as well as $4.5 billion in revenue). Also, according to the latest estimates, more than 700 million use the Facebook Messenger app each month and more than 8 billion users check out video content on this platform. It is not a shade of doubt that there is an impressive and huge potential in video services and apps, analysts stating that Facebook has not quite invested that much in it or investigated how much it could help the platform grow. Nevertheless, when it comes to advertising, the teams behind the social network are developing a strong and consistent strategy. Together with Instagram, Facebook is the most important and profitable platform, research firms confirming that these two earning immediately money due to their efficient targeting and ad investment.

In the US, it has been shown that 167 million users log in to Facebook each day, whilst in Asia and the Pacific area, the numbers rise to almost 300 million. Furthermore, in the rest of the world, there are almost 309 million individuals on Facebook each and every day.

According to Zuckerberg, the main priority is to build a better mobile content sharing and social experience, as more and more people give up using their computers and laptops in favor of their smartphones. Furthermore, various research agencies have predicted that the annual mobile ad revenue will surpass 500 million dollars in the following year.